I am currently allowing users to log in/signup by using the fcl API to interact with blocto.
Assume we have users A and B who both use the same device.
User A logs into his account to do some transactions then logs out and leaves the device. User B then tries to log in but when he presses the login button, they see image 1.
So now User B can either press confirm and log into user's A account or click the "use Another Account" button to log into his account.
What is mentioned above is very inconvenient especially if a user has multiple accounts and wants to perform transactions on one account but presses "confirm" by mistake and accidentally performs the transactions on a different account.
What I am asking is if there is a way to prompt image 2 whenever a user presses the login button
Also, if there is already a workaround solution, could someone please guide me on how to overcome this issue?